"Les Chateaux de la Loire really is a lovely album and I am very proud to be part of it. Congratulations to Roberto and everyone involved! We were playing it in the car coming back from one of Steve's gigs this week and I have just started my Sunday with it - there are some great textures combining natural sounds with guitars/piano/strings etc. Currently favourite tracks are 6. Blois and 11. Au revoir" -- John Hackett

"The music is highly atmospheric, gentle and sweet background music that has no pretensions other than to deliver sumptuous melodies, played with restrained passion and obvious enjoyment. All the tracks flow majestically, very much the lovely river that provides the inspiration" -- PROG ARCHIVES www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=9611

"L’impressionismo che scaturisce dall’album è in qualche modo legato alle bucoliche atmosfere delle opere soliste dello stesso Phillips, ma pulsa ancora una componente neo prog che si sposa perfettamente con le parti più rarefatte, ravvivandole con il giusto calore"  -- OPEN MAGAZINE (Italy)

"Atentos lovers del Sinfo-Folkie más pastoral y bucólico y del Prog italiano. 'Les Chateaux De La Loire' es el título del nuevo disco de Ellesmere, proyecto del Taproban man Roberto Vitelli, y lo que encierra no es sino magia en forma de canciones descriptivas y preciosistas. El eslabón perdido entre Trespass y Nursery Cryme, si me permiten. La consecuencia sonora de haber mantenido a Phillips un año más dentro de Genesis... Grandioso" -- KISS THAT PROG (Spain) www.facebook.com/Kiss-That-Prog-490230594332150

"French title, Italian band. Very early Genesis / Hackett / Anthony Phillips. Impressive lineup of musicians. Excellent, a real winner" -- PROGRESSIVE EARS www.progressiveears.org/forum/showthread.php/14997-Ellesmere-Les-Chateaux-De-La-Loire

"Les Chateaux della Loire è un album estremamente ispirato" -- TRUEMETAL www.truemetal.it/recensioni/les-chateaux-de-la-loire-77476

"The music on this album is worthwhile, but the cover is really exquisite" -- ART ROCK http://artrock2006.blogspot.it/2015/11/les-chateaux-de-la-loire.html

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