Welcome to the ELLESMERE website. We are pleased to announce that the third Ellesmere album "Wyrd" is now out on the AMS RECORDS/Btf label on LIMITED EDITION GATEFOLD VINYL as well as CD/Mini LP sleeve format and Digital Download. The album is again the brainchild of the Italian multi instrumentalist Roberto Vitelli, who wrote the music and the lyrics of every song, as well as taking care of all of the bass and guitar parts on the five tracks that are included in the concept.

On "Wyrd", the power trio composed of Roberto Vitelli on bass, guitars and bass pedals, Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, Molesome, Döskalle, etc.) on drums and percussion, Fabio Bonuglia (Ivory Moon, Metallari Animati) on keyboards, is joined by many fantastic special guests: David Cross (King Crimson) on violin; John Hackett (Steve Hackett, JHBand) on flute; Tony Paglica (Le Orme), Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings) and Fabio Liberatori (Stadio, RAM) on keyboards; David Jackson (VDGG, Osanna) on saxes; Luciano Regoli (RRR, Samadhi) and Giorgio Pizzala (NIR) on vocals.

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